• Cosworth-DFR-F1-3.5L

  • Cosworth BDD 1.6L

  • Cosworth DFV F1 3.0L

  • Ferrari 355 3.5L

  • Ford Duratec 2.4L

  • Peugeot MI16 2.0L

  • Ford Zetec 2.0L

Merlin Developments (Burton) Ltd.

Merlin Developments was setup by Bruce Stevens in 1988. Bruce Stevens originally worked for Aston Martin building their hand made engine, then in 1963 Bruce started working for Cosworth been involved with the FVA, FVC, BDA and BDG ford engines. Bruce built the first DFV with won the 1967 Dutch Grand Prix in the hands of Jim Clark, since then Bruce has not stopped developing and building DFV’s with great success. In the 70’s Bruce saw an opportunity to help setup and established a new company, which we all know now as Swindon Engines. Here Bruce continued to build DFV’s which Swindon engines became known for in there early years. Bruce then moved again to Alan Smith Racing in Derby (now known as Zytek Motorsport) where he continued to build and develop engines until he decided to setup his own company. In 1988 Bruce setup Merlin Developments where he was able to Develop and build high specification Race engines from his years of experience, where he went on to develop The Ford FBE V6 for Cosworth with great success for the Prosport 3000 class. Then in 2008 Bruce sold the company to a young and upcoming engine builder called Robert Whelan which he taught and passed on his 50years of experience and still continues to do so.